SAVE GAS • 50-150% More MPG With A New HAFC-Hydro Assist Fuel Cell In Your Vehicle

New technology modifies your vehicle's fuel ingest system to increase your fuel economy by at least 50% - usually more. in Phase 1 - GUARANTEED - Plus 400%-900% more with Phase 2 beginning in 2009. Total modification will give your vehicle well over 100 MPG no matter how much of a fuel hog it is now - perhaps as much as 300 MPG with small 4 cylinder cars. Payback is realized in about a year for average driving use or sooner if you regularly drive longer distances.


SAVE MONEY • SAVE EARTH • 50-150% More MPG With A New HAFC-Hydro Assist Fuel Cell In Your Vehicle

This video explains the HAFC kit's parts and the fundamentals of how it works. More details are available when you click on links below and even more when you beome an affiliate representative for the HAVC Kits for FREE. That's right, you make ZERO Investement to sell these kits while helping your friends all save a lot of money they would otherwise throw away on too much gasoline. These HAFC modules pay for themselves in a year or less in fuel savings.

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Save Money - Save Earth

Let's Get Rich, Save Everyone Money and Help Lower Greenhouse Gas Emmissions From Vehicles At the Same Time.

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HAFC • Hydro Assist Fuel Cell Video

PICC • Pre-Ignition Catalytic Converter Video

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